Testosterone For The 20s

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You're a bodybuilder in your 20s and you are on top of the world. You're one of the strongest guys in your gym, and your physique is out of this world. You've been training for 6 or 8 or even 10 years now, and you are starting to think about the use or supplemental testosterone. Is it time?

Gyms are littered with men in their late 20s with trashed T levels thanks to a few short years of bad testosterone use. Maybe they chose an impure product from a shady source, or maybe they ran their cycle too long. Perhaps post-cycle care was poor or completely unplanned altogether. Whatever the cause, they haven't reached age 30 and they're already using Cialis and every pro-hormone under the sun just to feel 'normal' again. This happens because they cycle too soon or improperly.

You should never start a cycle of testosterone until you've reached your body's natural ceiling for natural development. This doesn't happen in 2 years of training. This happens after a decade of training. Reach your peak first, or your new ceiling will be a lot lower than you desire.

Properly researching PCT, or post-cycle therapy, is imperative. You should never start a cycle you don't know how to end. You won't be injecting forever at the high levels required to grow new muscle mass in a very short time. After 10 to 12 weeks it will be time to cycle off – and you need to research the right way to do that.

Finally, measure the costs and risks to see if T usage this early in life is right for you. Financially, morally, and in the health sense – testosterone is a serious compound and will change your body forever. Be smart!

If you are well into your 30s and have spent your lifetime building a solid muscle foundation, and your body's testosterone levels are beginning to slip – then it may be time to think about T supplementation. At this point, you will be a legitimate candidate for injectable test or a patch, and it will come via your physician. You won't be breaking any laws, and you will be sure you are receiving legitimate testosterone, at a terrific price, from a pharmacy. Additionally, it may even be covered in your health insurance! Imagine going from overpaying to illegally buy T from a gym buddy, to getting it free from a doctor – with guaranteed purity! And, the best part of all is that your doctor will conduct blood panels to ensure you are healthy. If anything about the elevated testosterone levels isn't right, your physician will discover and address it before your health is negative affected.

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