Gynecomastia - A Common Side Effect Of Steroid Use

Gynecomastia is generally the medical term used to refer to a development of breast tissues in male steroid users. This commonly occurs when a male steroid user is presented with the unusually very high level of estrogen in the body, out of steroid use. It is also particularly caused by a continuous use of the very strong aromatizing androgens for instance Dianabol and Testosterone. This condition has been happening among many steroid users but it is mostly assumed all because of the idea that, a body builder is finally bulking up after steroid use. There is a lot to this complication and this is the base of this piece of writing.

gynecomastia a common side effect of steroid use

Usually, the excess estrogen acts upon the receptors in the male breasts and it causes a stimulation of growth of the female mammary tissues and this is usually huge breasts. If the condition is left unchecked, it can subsequently lead to a development of tissues and the growth happens under the nipple area of the breast making the condition even worse. This is because, a very much feminine appearance is what the male body assumes luring away the masculine nature and shape of the body.

Mechanisms and Causes of Gynecomastia

Fighting the side effect especially during steroid therapy is usually very difficult and also very demanding in terms of time and resources. This is because sometimes the condition is irreversible and getting your shape back to its normal state may prove futile. The people, who try, use different forms of estrogen maintenance as the medication. This mainly includes an estrogen antagonist for instance Nolvadex or Clomid and this is used to block estrogen from forming an attachment to the muscles. It also inhibits any attempt to activate the receptors in the male breast and a development of more tissues within the region.

The other approach is through a use of an aromatase inhibitor for instance Cytadren, Proviron or Arimidex which eventually blocks the different enzymes responsible for the full conversion of these androgens to estrogens and causing the breast enlargement. These compounds are well available and effective but the most effective of all is the Arimidex which is very costly and not available in many steroid outlets. The compound is also easy to administer and therefore most preferred by athletes and other body builders.

Addressing Gynecomastia: Treatment Options and Challenges

However, we cannot rule out the importance of estrogen in the body since muscle mass development can only be achieved through an elevation level of the element. However, the element must always be under control and low levels sipped into the body in a gradual pace. Even with the use, make sure that you always have around some anti-estrogens with you just incase any of the conditions of gynecomastia show up. Keep a well monitored progress in your muscle development and learn of the symptoms of gynecomastia for a proper control of the situation. In case you spot puffiness or a swelling under your nipple know that, this is a preliminary signs of gynecomastia which is pending.

Apr 3, 2024 British Dragon

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