How To Inject Steroids

how to inject steroids

Bodybuilders spend a lot of time searching for answers. With many questions in life, you can ask your parents, co-workers, spouse, and friends for answers. When you’re curious about issues regarding steroids use, you just don’t have many people to which you can turn. If you ask those around you about drugs, they will likely be clueless on the subject, and they will probably attempt to persuade you not to use steroids at all. If you’re at the point where you are looking for details on dosing or injection, the question as to whether or not to use will have already been answered. Any advice they give at this point will be useless, and potentially harmful.

As a result of the lack of good sources of information available in real life, bodybuilders will often turn to message boards, chat rooms, and search engines for answers to their questions. The most common query of ‘steroids how to inject’ has no doubt crossed the fingers of most bodybuilders from time to time. Once you have done it a few times, the process will become automatic. The first few times injecting a needle full of oil into the body can be very challenging, however.

Steroids – how to inject them – is perhaps the most important subject bodybuilders need to address when it comes to using. You will want to begin with all your materials in a clean, sterile environment, including your vials of oil, towels, syringe, alcohol, and cotton swabs. Clean the injection zone with a swab and alcohol. Draw the oil from the vial into the syringe. You should have mixed the oils up to 60 or 90 minutes previously for stacks – no longer. Use your thumb and forefinger of your non-dominant (typically left) hand to pull the skin tight.

Slowly press the needle into your body, and allow the needle to sink about a half-inch into the body. Unless you are injecting growth hormone, subcutaneous injections (directly below the skin) are a bad idea. For most commonly used anabolic steroids, intra-muscular injections are best. This will place the oil deep into the muscle tissue itself, where it can slowly move into the bloodstream over a period of days or weeks. You don’t want to spike your blood levels quickly, and then see them fall, as you get with oral steroids.

Once you have injected the steroids, pull the needle directly out of your body and cover up the blood seepage with a cotton swap or sterile tissue. You should dispose of the needle responsibly. Don’t leave it in your garbage can, so a neighborhood child or animal can poke themselves on your needle. You also run legal risk, since your garbage can be taken and searched at any time by curious law enforcement agents, which can lead to you facing down a search warrant based upon the probable cause you flippantly threw away.

If you already know you’re going to use steroids, and you already know what kind you’ll be using, then you only have one question remaining about the steroids – how to inject them. Hopefully this guide will assist you on your way to muscle stardom!

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