Semenax - Rose Pollen (also known as Swedish Rose) - Leading Edge Health


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For Oral Administration
- Rose Pollen (also known as Swedish Rose)
- L-arginine
- L-lysine
- Epimedium sagittatum
- Zinc Oxide & Zinc Aspartate
- Catuaba Bark
- Pumpkin Seed
- Vitamin E
- Sarsaparilla
- Maca
- Muira Puama
- Hawthorne
- Cranberry Extract
- Avena Sativa Extract
- Butea Superba
Dosage: Not Applicable
Unit: 120 caps
Manufactured by Leading Edge Health

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Name: Semenax
Other common names and terms: N/A
Active Life: N/A
Drug Class: Sexual Enhacement Complex
Detection Time: N/A
Chemical Structure: N/A
Common Doses: N/A
Blood pressure: N/A
Acne: N/A
Water retention: N/A
Aromatisation: N/A
Liver toxicity: N/A
Decrease HPTA function: N/A

Semenax is proven to increase your ejaculate by improving semen production. Semenax – taken every day – continually increases semen production, regardless of what age you are. The combination of herbs, extracts and amino acids contained in this supplement is quite extensive and blend perfectly to make an extremely effective product, many of which have been used for centuries to improve male sexual potency and performance.

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